Save 3.06 lbs. of CO2
per Retired Tie

An easy, cost-effective way to reduce your carbon footprint ​

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Sustainable Solutions for Railroads

Repurposing Railroad Ties

Paving the Way to Sustainability

The Invention of TIEROC

Most landfills throughout the country are able to use and even generate energy from TiEnergy’s biproduct, TIEROC. Landfills are poly-lined and also clay lined. The railroad ties that are shredded and ground up to make TIEROC have already off-gassed most of the creosote before they ever leave the tracks where they were originally placed. TIEROC is a sustainable paving solution that landfills have embraced. The material is less expensive and lasts longer than other traditionally used paving materials. In addition, as TIEROC decomposes, methane gas can be captured and sold by the landfill.​

Ties Become
Sustainable “Gold”

Railroads continue to be the lifeblood of American transportation systems. Tens of millions of people travel by rail each year, and 1/3 of all freight is shipped and delivered via railroads. With this volume of activity over 200 years of history, rail ties eventually become unusable. In its partnerships with Class I, Class II & Short Line and other railroads, TiEnergy works with customers to responsibly recycle and repurpose old railroad ties…

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