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Who We Are

Mission: To be good stewards of the resources God has entrusted to us and utilize them to their fullest potential.​

Vision: We will be an innovative leader in the responsible recycling and repurposing of retired railroad ties for maximum benefit to the economy and environment, establishing the railroad industry at the forefront of sustainability.​

RTA Q&A with TiEnergy​

Our Story

Q: When was TiEnergy formed?​

The roots of the company started in 1996, and the TiEnergy concept, name, and business entity were officially formed in 2002. ​

Q: What sparked the idea/need for the company?​

The company became involved in wood recycling with its existing construction and demolition recycling facility. Recycling ties seemed like a natural next step and the company was one of the first to have equipment that would stand up to the challenge of and operational needs for chipping and grinding railroad ties. ​

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