Environmentally Friendly Solutions to Ongoing Business Challenges

Environmentally Friendly Solutions to Ongoing Business Challenges _TiEnergy

A win-win scenario—an organization solves some of its most pressing business challenges while also solving environmental issues. In the case of railroads, this win-win scenario happens often—more often than many people may realize. Here are three of the most common business challenges that companies face today, and examples of environmentally friendly solutions to these same challenges.

Challenge #1: Supply Chain Disruptions

Railroads are a crucial part of supply chain logistics and the most-fuel-efficient mode of transportation, with a significantly lower carbon footprint than air or long-haul truck deliveries. In fact, shipping freight via rail instead of car or truck can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 75%. Freight railroads are investing an average of $23 billion each year to enhance equipment and infrastructure, including investments to protect against climate-related supply chain disruptions. Railroads enhance overall supply chain resiliency while reducing the environmental impact of freight forwarding (data source: American Railroad Association). 

Challenge #2: Cost Savings/Operational Efficiencies

TiEnergy created a patented technology to remove metal hardware from old ties (the Tie Plate Picker machine) and developed a marketable product from ground up ties (TIEROC—an aggregate substitute). These groundbreaking innovations help railroads, and landfills meet their own efficiency goals. In turn, demand for environmentally friendly solutions encourages organizations to continue finding sustainable approaches to common challenges.

Challenge #3: Revenue Growth

There’s a stereotype that environmental goals and business revenue goals are at odds with each other. While this may be true in certain cases, it’s an outdated stereotype that fails to take into account the ways environmentally friendly solutions can also generate revenue and reduce expenses. For example, developing more energy-efficient operations and reducing energy consumption is a sustainable strategy that benefits the environment as well as the bottom line. In TiEnergy’s business, responsibly removing old ties from railyards can yield ongoing financial benefits to railroads, such as revenue-producing opportunities from the land freed-up from retired tie storage. Responsible tie disposal also protects against the risk of dangerous and expensive environmental hazards from flammable ties.

Rail transport has been a cornerstone of American business since the 1800s, and TiEnergy has been an innovator in railroad sustainability for more than two decades. We’ll continue to seek ways to provide railroads with business enhancements.

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