What To Do With Old Railroad Ties

TiEnergy_What to do with old rail ties

TiEnergy leads the way in recycling old railroad ties and repurposing them for secondary use as TIEROC. The team provides point-of-service removal of discarded cross ties with environmentally consistent disposal of materials to provide clean energy.

Railroad ties can stack up and become a safety hazard if not removed regularly. Class 1, Class II, and Class III railroads need a partner they can rely on to remove railroad ties safely. In addition to helping railroads meet safety requirements, TiEnergy also helps railroads meet their sustainability goals by giving railroad ties new life. In fact, TiEnergy recycles using a no-burn solution, and railroads save 3.06 lbs. of carbon per retired tie.

As a family-owned organization, TiEnergy cares about making a difference. Reduce your carbon footprint today — partner with an experienced waste and recycling company to decrease safety hazards and increase productivity. Schedule a point-of-service removal by calling 847-426-6354.

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