Innovative, Sustainable Solutions for Railroads

TiEnergy gives new life to expired ties.

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How We’re Different

Our customers tell us their #1 for using us is the ease of doing business​
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Fleet Transportation

With a fleet of trucks, we’re able to mobilize anywhere in the Midwest and grind railroad ties on site and transport off site. ​

Access to the Belt Railway Company of Chicago

Railroad ties can be accepted across the nation by railway​​

TiEnergy_About Us_Patented Technology for Railroad Sustainability

Patented Technology

TiEnergy machinery separates metal and woods ten times faster than traditional processes​

Sustainability Statement

TiEnergy moves the railroad industry forward by cleaning up its past. A legacy of innovation in the U.S. left its mark in the form of millions of retired railroad ties. TiEnergy pioneered the innovative, earth-friendly, and cost-effective solutions to reuse railroad ties, utility poles, pallets, and crane mats. By upcycling old ties and wood into landfill assets, and providing no-burn solutions that prevent harmful toxins from polluting our air, TiEnergy is moving the rail industry into a sustainable future. ​

Our commitment to sustainability extends from our employees and customers to our shared communities across the country. We’re mindful of the future generations that will utilize the very land our railroads use. Each upcycled tie represents progress toward a cleaner future for generations to come. ​