Railroad Tie Disposal & Recycling Services in The United States

We partner with Class I, Class II & Short Line freight carriers, railroads, commercial & industrial companies, and contractors across the U.S. to provide recycling services for out-of-service wood products. This includes crossties, utility poles, crane mats, and pallets. We provide quality, efficient railroad tie removal and recycling services throughout the Midwest.

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Teraz przyjmuje używane podkłady kolejowe do The Belt Railway w Chicago.

TiEnergy Is THE Recycling Solution For Used Railroad Ties across the United States

Over 20 million wooden railroad ties are taken out of service each year. Over 20 million pieces of timber—literally mountains of railroad ties—are all in need of recycling services.

TiEnergy is trwałe rozwiązanie for used railroad ties!

By perfecting the recycling process of old railroad ties – using our patented technology of removing tie plates and grinding whole ties, TiEnergy is the cost-effective, alternative to traditional disposal avenues. We can process up to 5,000 ties daily (1 million ties per year)!

TiEnergy has the ability to mobilize anywhere in the Midwest and grind railroad ties on site and transport off site. Additionally, TiEnergy can accept railroad ties from anywhere across the nation by shipping them to The Belt Railway in Chicago.

Expired or used railroad ties take up valuable space in railyards and can often pose a potential environmental and/or safety risk. TiEnergy is an industry leader in keeping railyards clean and meeting sustainability goals for railroads across America.

Co to jest TiEnergy?

TiEnergy is a fully sustainable solution for collecting, recycling, and reusing railroad ties and a variety of industrial creosote-treated wood across the United States. Watch the video and see how our process works – from railroad tie pickup and transportation to the recycling and grinding facility.

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