How many railroad ties can TiEnergy grind in one day?

We can grind about 5,000 railroad ties per day and about 1 million annually.

Where can TiEnergy mobilize the equipment necessary to get the job done?

Currently, we have the capacity to mobilize anywhere in the Midwest.

Can TiEnergy remove tie plates?

Yes, we can, with the patented technology of our Tie Plate Picker.

What type of equipment is used?
  1. CBI 8400
  2. VOLVO 120
  3. SERCO 300
  4. KUBOTA 95-2
  6. PETERBILT 378
  7. KENWORTH T880
What problems can TiEnergy find the solutions for?
  1. We can help clean up Class 1, Class 2 and Short Line railyards across the nation so that railroad companies can put their land to work for them instead of it sitting as a storage facility for unwanted ties. 
  2. We eliminate the railroad ties which, in turn, eliminates the risk for railroads. Ties won’t be piled up and rotting away into the land or accidentally catching fire causing damage. 
  3. If railroads don’t have a place for us to mobilize, we are set up to accept used railroad ties at The Belt Railway of Chicago. By putting railroad ties in rail cars, it results in less labor costs for railroad.
  4. We help support the sustainability goals of the railroads while simultaneously keeping the landfills across the nation efficient and moving. TIEROC is the byproduct of used railroad ties and once processed, we haul away the grindings to be repurposed in landfills across the United States. The ties will serve 2 more purposes in its lifetime: a landfill road base ( ADC or ACM ) and in it’s final phase, TIEROC becomes an energy source for the landfill itself.